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bust statue of Beethoven venus statue of di Milo  Click on Thumbnails for Finishes  - we offer 6 finishes for extra charge - please call or email to request ! 

Natural White-Aged Patina Nuance -Terracotta Nuance- Tufo Nuance- Glossy Hand (polished) Nuance-Antuque Bronze Finish-Glossy Rosetta Finish

Please email or call us for more info about finishes and shipping charges ; Email ; [email protected] Toll Free 1800 515 1977 Fax 916 515 1639

This are very well Made un USA Cast Stone Column, pedestal and Tiered French, Italian and Spanish style Fountains- Good For Outdoor and Indoor Home and Garden Decor !

Cast Stone Statues,Concrete fountain outdoor concrete cement art  Italian Wall Fountains, Italian Pedestal Fountains.Click for more Cast Stone Fountains Made in USA .