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Natural White-Aged Patina Nuance -Terracotta Nuance- Tufo Nuance- Glossy Hand (polished) Nuance-Antuque Bronze Finish-Glossy Rosetta Finish


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The treatments for our Carrara marble statuary that we propose on our range are typically handmade. The final appearance is an aging almost natural that show the decorations and the details of our models.
It is very simple to place our models; with a bit of fantasy it is possible to create an ancient harmonious atmosphere on your gardens, balconies, houses.
We produce 7 different kind of nuances.
Natural White
Aged patina Nuance
Terracotta Nuance
 Tufo Nuance
Glossy -hand (polished) Nuance
Antique Bronze   Finish

Glossy Rosetta Finish

                Aged Patina Finish