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             Wholesale Price; Bellow are Links for Authentic Italian bonded and Carved Marble Statues, Sculptures, Fountains, Large- Religious Statuary, Animal Statues, Gazebos, Classical Greek and Roman for Home & Garden Decor- Imported from Italy .

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Welcome to Ital Art World, an AmforA Company! We produce museum and garden quality, Italian and Greek statuary from only the most skilled artisans in the industry. Ital Art World is the largest purveyor of Italian marble statuary, outdoor water fountains, flowerpots, handcrafted gazebos, and other artisan created sculptures. We offer thousands of fine, hand-carved, stone carvings and old lost wax bronze products .
ItalArtWorld will provide you with the best pricing available whether you are a retailer, designer, or contractor looking for unique stone products. Please Contact us any time .

Four Seasons Sculptures - Large Classical  Greek, Roman and Italian Statues  - hand carved from solid  marble , travertine  granite, sandstone and other natural stone products . Click on bellow Four Season Set Statuary set for more master Carved Sculpture Art .4 season Large statue four  Classical Greek,3  marble  SEASONS SET STATUE AND BASE  Roman, Italian Statues.

We Offer Outdoor Garden Fountains, Rolling Sphere Fountains, Floating Sphere Fountains also Self Contained Fountains! Solid Granite or Marble Ball Fountains, They are Rolling and Spinning amazingly. Click on Image for more Rolling Sphere Fountains ball rolling Fountains, Rolling Sphere Fountains, Floating Sphere Fountains.. 








Click on image for more hand carved animal statuary, solid marble lion statues, beautiful eagle marble art, hand carved statuary  crafted out of solid stone like- Marble, Granite, Travertine  Limestone and  etc !!!Marble Lion Statues, Hand Carved Animal Statuary.

Imagine you have one of this Beautiful Fireplace Mantels -hand carved out of your own design or from our crafted  fireplace catalogue. Click on Image for more hand carved Fireplace Mantels !

 Hand Carved Fireplace Mantels marble fireplace mantels carved and cast surrounds fire

Museum quality Marble Statuary and Marble  Busts hand carved busts from natural stone . We can also carve your own custom bust. Click on Image for more Busts- Statue and Sculptures !

 Marble Bust Statuary, Marble Busts, Antique Statues.

 Hand Carved Flower Pots, Carved Stone Planters, Outdoor & Indoor Statuary- Beautiful Marble Art- Click on  Image for more Planters .

 Hand Carved Flower Pots, Carved Stone Planters Italian planters estate size large flower pots

We can hand carve  all kinds of  door and window surrounds,  gate access in marble and stone Architecture decor.               Click on Image for larger view !

Hand Carved Collimns  Doors, Marble Hand Carved Windows.

If you looking for Marble Abstract , Granite Abstract, Contemporary Stone carving -We have it all-- Click on Image for more Stone and metal art !

Marble Abstract, Granite Abstract, Contemporary Stone Carving.    

Hand carved marble benches  tables and  chairs - Click on image for more .

  Carved Marble Tables, Benches stone , Chairs.

Natural stone  Medallions, Tiles and Mosaics - Beautiful Art Patterns and  Sizes Available - Click on image for more info !                                            Marble Medallions, Tiles, Mosaics.        

Now we offer cast concrete courtyard Fountains and Statuary-Home and Garden decor ! Click on bellow for more  cast wall fountain -Made in California, USA .

 Wall Concrete Fountain Cast Wall Water Fountain cement yard , cast stone   

Click on Image below  for More Sacred , Christian,  Religious Statuary -Sacred Hearth Mary Bonded Statue and Jesus Statues .



Saint Joseph statue and other Saints and religious statuary sculptures cast in Italy Click on Image for more Saint Statues .

Saint Statues, St Joseph w Jesus statue Baby Jesus Statue religious Saints

Click for Our Lady Fatima Statues .

            LAdy FAtima Statue Marble religious Mother Statue Fatima Statuary

Click below for types and colors of natural stone products used in the carving and stone art industry !!!Natural Stone Products, Hand Carvied stone Products.marble carving travertine granite and more

      Buy Direct !!!

Made in Italy !

We own Quarries and Copartner with Quarry Owners and Manufacturers  Around the Globe - we import full shipping containers of hand carved marble, Stone and hand crafted Granite Rolling Sphere Fountains, Travertine tiles and carvings , Limestone tile, crafts and  products directly from around the World .

Made in Italy !

Amfora Company              7145 Watt Ave Ste. 5                       North Highlands , CA-95660             USA

Toll free  800 515 1977                   Direct 916 505 2722                         Fax 916 515 1639 or                      Email; [email protected]

Click below on Life Size marble Statues picture for more Greek and Roman Statuary Sculptures,  Large Warrior and Gods Classical statues Carved from pure Italian Marble Art for Garden and home .

             Carved Marble Statue , Roman Soldier Sculpture Stone

We are one of the Biggest and most reasonable stone, bronze and iron  sculptures and statuary companies in US and Europe. We can provide you the best Italian and Greek Quality Marble Statuary- Stone Carving- Click on statue for more hand  Carved solid marble Statues and Sculpture inventory .

marble statues carved marble Italian statue Sculptures Statuary, Cast Iron Statuary. Mary statue Our lady witth Jesus baby statue Religious Catholic statue marble italian art

This statues "Mary w/ child" has been custom carved from solid Carrera marble for nonprofit Hospital in Athens, GA . Here what our customer said- "Just wanted to update you -  Folks present at the unveiling of the statue were speechless When they saw it. We had a wonderful time. Thanks, "   -  Tom Kruer

100's of Large Estate Style Bronze Fountains, Bronze Statues, Bronze Vases, Bronze Animal Fountain, Iron Gazebos, Greek and Roman Pillars Sacred Statues and  more-stocked in US . Click below for more Bronze Fountains and Statuary Art. 

Four Seasons Statue Sets 4 Seasons marble Carved outdoor 4 seasons statues sculptures 4 seasons.

Wholesale Cast stone Statues , Wall and Pedestal Fountains in Italian and Mediterranean Fountain w/ Decor.   Click here for more model.

       Cast StoneFountains ,Concrete fountain outdoor concrete cement art  Italian Wall Fountains, Italian Pedestal Fountains.

Classical Italian Cast Stone Tiered  and Wall Fountains- Click on below Image for Catalogue !

         CSt stone Fountains classical tier Fountain  cast  fountains

Cast Outdoor Stone Fountain in USA -Click on picture bellow to see more !

   French Fountain Spanish Fountain Cast Stone indoor Fountain

Jesus and Saints Catholic statues ,  sculptures, Religious statuary - click on image for more Saint Statues and Sacred heart of Christ statue .

      Jesus statue christ statue Sacred Heart Jesus  redeemer sacred statue heart religious statue of Jesus christ                       

Click on image below - for more - Memorial Plagues and Granite Cemetery Monuments Artwork - We  can make any custom size model and  signage for best quality work and price  !


Pieta Statue Cast Marble in Italy 48"H-20"L-18"D

 Pieta Statue Religious Mother Sorrow Statue of Michelangelos pieta Statue

Below are our Cast Stone Benches in different finishes- Click on Image for more Benches Tables , Bird Baths Etc.     bench outdoor cast benches concrete

Italian Pizza Ovens -Click  on picture below for more !           

        made in Italy statues and statuary sculptures in Marble from

Reproductions of Authentic Greek and Roman Statuary, Statues and Sculptures -Available Inventory of Carved Solid Marble Statues , Religious Statues Angel Monuments-Fountains, Gazebos, Animal Statues, Kids Statues, Stone Pillars Carving Art and more Classical and Baroque Style Reproductions. Click Four Seasons Statues below  for more Statuary &Fountain inventory

Greek Statues,4 Seasons Sculpture Roman  sculpture Statuary, Four Seasons Statues, Baroque Style Reproductions.   

Amfora offers Hand Carved Marble offers Hand Carved Marble Gazebos, Greek & Roman style Pillars, Balustrades in Solid hand carved marble or solid hand carved granite. The highest quality garden  gazebos  to add to your home or yard.  Also we have in Bronze or Cast Iron Gazebos and Pillars. Click on image for more Gazebos, Pillars ! 

Carved Marble Gazebos outdoor  Greek Venus columns, Roman Style Pillars.


Hand Carved Stone  Estate  Fountains, Outdoor Fountains and Indoor Water Fountains, Garden Fountains, Garden Water Fountains, Large Fountains Marble Fountains, Beautiful  Fountains ...for your Home and Garden. Click on Image for more Fountain! 

  water fountains tiered outdoor fountain cast marble  

Extra Largest  Carved Stone Italian Fountain-        Click to see more Large Stone Fountains -Italian Garden Fountains Classical Sculpture Fountain Art.Large Fountains, Italian Garden Fountains estate size pool fountains horse fountain carved large statue fountain .

Solid  stone - hand carved marble religious Statuary . Click on Grief Angel Statue for more available Statues. Solid Angel Statue, Grieving Marble Religious Statuary.   

Carved Stone Wall Fountains, Yard & Courtyard Fountains, Outdoor Fountains Statue Fountains...Marble And other Stone products.           Click on Lady Wall Fountain for more Art . Carved Stone Wall fountains  Marble Lady wall fountain art Products       

Our Lady of Lourdes statues made in Italy in Bonded marble w/ high quality paint outdoor / indoor statues and religious Art . Click Lourdes Statue for more models and sizes . our LAdy of garce Statue LAdy Lourdes Statue Cast marble Statue of Religious Statuary   

Click on Birth of Venus 47'  tall Statue-Bonded Carrera Marble for more Aphrodite statue sculpture art .       

 Venus statue art outdoor Aphrodite  statue greek statues Ancient goddess statuarey

Click on Image below for Renaissance and Baroque Style Statuary-Classical Greek , Roman Marble Art  stocked in US.

Baroque statue decor columns street lamps Statuary, Classical Greek Statuary, Roman Statuary


Italian marble Outdoor and Indoor Wall fountains . Click on Image for more wall fountains

wall fountains  courtyard Italian fountains  Marble Wall Fountains.

Antique wall fountains and Statuary  art - Old Europe style Sandstone , Travertine, Limestone ...and more carved Antique Art. Click on antique stone image for more info

Antiques stone art carving old Europe style wall fountains and Statuary carving

Buy Direct !!!

4 Seaoan Set Statues Carved Statue of 4 Seasosn outdoor four Seasons Statuary sclptures woman Statue Four set

Made in Italy !

Manufacturer and Importer of Religious Statues Amfora Company
7145 Watt Ave Ste 5, North Highlands , CA-95660  Toll Free 800 515 1977, Fax 916 515 1639 Website;
Email; [email protected]

Wholesale Price; Links for Authentic Italian bonded Marble Statues, Sculptures, Fountains,
Large-Religious Statuary, Animal Statues, Gazebos, Classical Greek and Roman Statuary Bonded Marble Statuary, Imported from Italy.

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